Texas Call Center

Texas Call Center, San Antonio, Texas

The Kohl's Call Center in San Antonio, Texas, is situated in an acquired LEED Core and Shell Silver certified building. We designed and constructed the interior to achieve LEED for Commercial Interiors (CI) Gold certification. The design maximizes daylight and access to views, provides a healthy work environment and otherwise meets the functional needs of the Associates. In 2012, an addition was added to the location and achieved LEED for New Construction certification.

The following attributes contributed to LEED Commercial Interiors (CI) Gold certification:

Air Quality


Improved indoor air quality enhances the environment for our Associates. We developed a stringent Construction Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Management Plan that is used on all new construction projects. The IAQ management plan reduces air quality problems resulting from construction activities, and protects it for future building occupants. The IAQ plan requires contractors to shut down air handling systems during activities with air quality impacts like sanding and cutting, properly store absorptive materials, and change air filters regularly. The plan is designed to meet and exceed the recommended control measures of the Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractor's National Association's (SMACNA) "IAQ Guidelines for Occupied Buildings Under Construction", 2nd edition, 2007. Additionally, we have a no-smoking policy at all of our facilities. Smoking is not permitted indoors or within 25 feet of any entrance.

Alternative Transportation


Reduction in private vehicle use reduces fuel consumption as well as air and water pollutants from vehicle exhaust. The parking lot size has been minimized to reduce runoff and the heat island effect. In addition, we have allocated 5% of the parking spaces for carpools and another 5% for low-emitting & fuel efficient vehicles.



Commissioning is an important layer of accountability holding design consultants and general contractors to high standards. A fundamental commissioning inspection verifies energy performance by ensuring energy using equipment is installed and operating in accordance with the owner's project requirements, basis of design, and construction documents (plans and specifications).

Six to ten months after opening, an enhanced commissioning visit takes place to verify that everything is still working as designed, and that any deficiencies mentioned in the fundamental visit have been fixed.

Construction Waste Management


Kohl's construction waste management plan was followed at the San Antonio Call Center and as a result, diverted 88% of the construction waste from local landfills.

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Energy Efficiency


We installed lighting that is 31% more energy efficient than the former system, and HVAC equipment that is over 30% more efficient than an equivalent baseline building as determined by ASHRAE standards. Over 77% of the computer equipment and appliances installed in the space are ENERGY STAR labeled.

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Enhanced Refrigerant Management


The building's HVAC systems use packaged rooftop units, which keep refrigerant circuits as small as possible to maintain a small refrigerant charge with respect to cooling capacity.

Erosion And Sedimentation Control


To minimize environmental impacts and reduce pollution from construction activities, we have a nationwide Storm Water Pollution Prevention Program that is implemented at every new location to ensure the control of soil erosion, waterway sedimentation and airborne dust generation.

Green Cleaning


We use green housekeeping in all stores and corporate facilities. The use of green cleaning supplies and equipment reduces the exposure of occupants and maintenance staff to potentially harmful chemicals. The San Antonio Call Center is cleaned using approved green housekeeping methods and green chemicals. Restroom paper products are made from 100% recycled materials.

Green Power


We purchased 100% green power for the San Antonio Call Center.

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Heat Island Effect


Heat islands are created as cities replace natural land cover with buildings, asphalt and other dark-colored, hard-surface infrastructure. This causes both the air and surface temperatures to be higher than temperatures in nearby rural areas, resulting in increased energy demands. In the LEED for New Construction certified expansion to this project, we used a white membrane roofing material that has a Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) of 110 to reduce the building's energy demand and mitigate its heat island impact. Additionally, 52% of the parking spaces are within a covered parking garage reducing the size of the parking lot and further reducing the heat island effect on the site.

Low-emitting Materials


We are committed to providing a clean, pleasant and safe working environment for all Associates. One way this is achieved is by selecting interior finish construction materials that contain no or low volatile organic compounds (VOC). Using low VOC materials reduces fumes associated with paint, sealants, carpet, adhesives, composite wood, insulation, cube furniture, seating and wall system materials.

Operational Recycling


Kohl's comprehensive waste reduction program allows us to exceed the USGBC requirements for collection of recyclables at the San Antonio Call Center.

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Recycled Materials


Over 20% of the building materials by cost in the San Antonio Call Center are made up of recycled content. These materials reduce the demands on virgin building materials and the associated environmental impacts.

Water Efficiency


In the LEED for New Construction certified expansion to this project, the landscape has been designed using native and adaptive plant species to conserve potable water typically used for irrigation. A reduction in the use of turf grass also allows for a substantial water savings. The irrigation system uses highly efficient components such as a weather-tracking controller, rain sensor, and drip emitters. This landscape and irrigation system allow for a 52% reduction in water use when compared to a traditional system. The 52% reduction will save an estimated 184,995 gallons in a typical July.

The building's plumbing systems use low flow fixtures and automatic flush valves throughout the facility, resulting in over 35% water use reduction over standard fixtures.

San Antonio Call Center Fact Sheet