K–12 Energy Education Program

Wisconsin K–12 Energy Education Program (KEEP)

A more sustainable future is critical to Wisconsin's economic and environmental future. To ensure we make strides in sustainability, we need to equip those who are the future with energy literacy. Since 1995, initiatives like the Wisconsin K-12 Energy Education Program (KEEP) have been working to do just that.

What exactly does KEEP do?

KEEP offers Wisconsin teachers energy education courses and encourages them to integrate energy into their own curriculum. Helping the environment starts with knowledge, so it's only fitting that energy education starts in the classroom. By increasing energy literacy within their K-12 classrooms, educators and their students end up doing their part and contribute statewide to reduce energy usage and gain savings.

Kohl's is a proud supporter of this program and this year has provided funding for the following:

  • Energy Education Classroom Kits: These kits provide students with the tools necessary to complete school energy audits, including light meters, infrared thermometers, watt meters and temperature/humidity pens.

  • School to Home Energy Education Kits: Students are able to apply the knowledge they learned with the Energy Education Classroom kits at home, with the School to Home Energy Education Kits consisting of watt meters, hot water temperature cards, refrigerator/freezer cards, booklet and bags.

Our society needs individuals with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will allow them to use energy resources wisely. Kohl's is proud to be a sponsor of KEEP and the efforts to increase energy literacy in Wisconsin!

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