We are committed to affecting positive change in our communities, from how we responsibly operate our facilities to how we engage our customers. We encourage our customers to take part in our environmental sustainability conversation through sharing our milestones and successes and by providing accessible communication avenues. In offering reusable shopping bags and the option to recycle any plastic shopping bag in our stores, we challenge our customers to think about the effects of their personal choices on the world around them.

Store Messaging

Kohl's uses overhead audio messaging to communicate with our customers as they shop our stores. These announcements let customers know if they are shopping at an ENERGY STAR labeled location, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified store or a location with solar power. We also display our ENERGY STAR, LEED and solar counts on register screensavers to give customers a glimpse at how many total stores we have in our portfolio with these designations. Decals for ENERGY STAR, LEED and solar are displayed at the entrance in applicable stores. Additionally, LEED brochures with details on LEED credits are located with the LEED plaques at Customer Service.

Dedicated Green Email Address

We have set up a dedicated email address for public communication about green issues. Associates and customers alike can email with their questions, comments, suggestions and other feedback about our environmental programs.

Plastic Bags

Kohl's shopping bags are made with recycled content, resulting in their gray color. We have created a program where our shopping bags, as well as any other plastic bag, can be recycled at any of our stores.

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