At Kohl's, we engage our Associates to think about environmental responsibility on a personal level. Through initiatives such as the Drinking Water Responsibly program and green education opportunities, we encourage our Associates to share our passion for environmental sustainability and apply what they have learned to their everyday choices.

Drinking Water Responsibly

In the spring of 2012, Kohl's introduced a corporate initiative called Drinking Water Responsibly. This program recognizes the importance of drinking water, but also the waste that can be associated with doing so. To decrease the use of single-use water cups and bottled water, all corporate Associates were provided with a reusable water cup on Earth Day.

We also installed hydration stations on each floor of our corporate campus. These stations provide hands-free access to cold, filtered water. Each station is equipped with a counter that displays how many plastic bottles are spared by refilling reusable cups. Overall, we've made it easier for corporate Associates to drink more water while creating less waste.
Over 8,000 Corporate Associates provided with a reusable cup.

Green Education Opportunities

Kohl's offers Associates many green education opportunities, including the Sustainability Film Festival. The Film Festival increases awareness of environmental issues like global warming, a hole in the ozone, toxins from incinerating trash, overflowing landfills worldwide and food quality.